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What is Homestay Program

Homestay: A living arrangement that involves staying with host family.

It's a chance to become a member of a Japanese family, study Japanese and of course, learn more about the culture, customs and lifestyle in Japan. Getting to Japan is easy nowadays for Malaysian, you do not require VISA to enter Japan since July 2013. However, getting the chance to actually meet Japanese people is much more difficult. So why not make your own home away from home to Japan?

For some people who travel to other countries, they may not want to spend their time with a tour guide provided by the tourist authority, and they may not want to stay in a chain hotel either. In some countries, this desire to experience the "real" culture can be accomplished through a homestay. A homestay means that the guest lives with a family for at least part of his or her trip. This enables a guest to experience life as it is lived day to day in the host country.

A guest looking for a homestay should first apprise the homestay center of his or her personal preferences. Is he a smoker, for instance? Is he vegetarian? Allergic to animals or certain foods? Traits such as these should be taken into consideration when matching a host family and a guest. The guest should also remember that he is visiting the country to absorb some of its culture, and so should expect to try new things in his hosts' home.

A homestay can be a great experience if the guest follows a few simple guidelines:

First, you needs to acquaint himself with the customs of the country he is visiting. Most host families will be tolerant of some faux pas, but the traveler should make sure he is aware of basic courtesy, such as removing one's shoes before entering a home in Japan. Politeness in every country is a key to making the stay a happy one.

Second, you should never arrive at a homestay without some gift for the hosts. A bottle of wine or a gift of chocolates is welcome, as are mementos from the visitor's country, such as postcards, or pens and mugs with his state's or company's name on them, as example.

Third, you should remember that this is a home, not a hotel, room service is not provided. You should make your own bed each morning, offer to help with the dishes or the laundry, and so on. Depending on the country, the hosts may refuse to allow you to help, but they will appreciate the offer. You should also participate in the family activities and you should never be a hindrance to the hosts' usual routine.

Students often have the opportunity to participate in a homestay as part of an academic program, and these are usually memorable. A homestay opens a window into another culture as few other experiences can. It is a win-win situation in which everyone learns something new. We are open this opportunuty to working people and adult to experience homestay in Japan since 2003. Currenlty, we only accept Malaysian and Singaporean to participant and sign up our homestay progarm to Japan.

Homestay Program provides a fun, relaxed environment where adults and children are surrounded by the sounds of new languages. It is like playing in a "multilingual park", where families and friends can share the joys of discovering languages together.

Participating in the homestay programs, you are welcomed as one of the family member and take part in everyday life. Through such a program, you gain true inside perspective on foreign cultures in a family environment. The most exciting aspect of homestay activities is making friends and forming relationship with other human beings. Through relationship that language is nourished and developed most easily and most enjoyable."

The key to maximizing this experience though is to use and improve your foreign language skills and to be open to their cultural traditions. This could be a once in a lifetime experience and you should try to make the most of it.

IMPORTANT! This program is mainly design for people who are enthusiast to learn & explore new culture, language and meeting people. You are travel and represent Malaysia as Ambassador to learn other country culture and adapt to their daily lifestyle. We hope, after you joined this program, you will be benefited and it enriched your life with valuable ideas, disciplinary practises, thought and friendship.

Vacation Homestay

Suitable for people who wish to experience homestay during travel in Japan

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Home Visit Homestay

Suitable for people who travel to Japan and only have short period to experience homestay

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Short-Term Study Abroad Homestay

This package is design for people who study abroad and homestay less than a month

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Long-Term Study Abroad Homestay

This package is for people who study abroad and homestay visit between 1 to 3 months period

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