Weekend Homestay

Weekend Homestay

Weekend Homestay

This package is design for people who study abroad experience homestay for Saturday to Sunday
This package is design for people who wish to experience purely homestay visit between 2 to 12 months

International Homestay program is an interesting activities. When participating in a homestay oversea, the delegates who involved in this program will get a better understanding of the cultures and it languages. Through such a program, you will gain true inside perspective on foreign cultures, lifestyle, language and it people.

Thus, the most exciting aspect of homestay activities is making friends and forming relationship with other human beings. It is through relationship that language is nourish and develops most easily and most enjoyable.

Below is the 4 simple process for us to guide you through your Homestay Application:



Download our Homestay Application Form and fill in all the necessary detail for us to know your purpose of your homestay, the schedule, location and we will arrange to meet and interview you.



We will interview you to ensure you understand homestay regulation. Once you passed and we will submit your application form to oversea homestay organisation to search for your host family.



Attend an Orientation to prepare yourself for a better understand of what is homestay all about, do and don't, host family and your responsibilty before embark.



Do your homework and get yourself ready to emabark for your homestay experience.

The history of our homestay services and experience

We was involved in the cultural exchange program abroad since year 1999 in Japan, Korea and Taiwan with the love of it concept and values.

We then established the company Titan Planet in mid 2003, Titan Planet is a company committed to facilitating intercultural understanding, global competence and friendship. We accomplish these goals through our passion, love and friendship with people from other country.

Since then we been homestay many times and stay with many host families and undestand what Japanese host families need for a quality delegate like you to be part of their life when you homestay with them.

Our main activity is to arrange homestay program from Malaysia to Japan. We are here to assist and representing Japan Homestay Company to select and filter the right participants to homestay Japan.

The main purpose is to provide the opportunities, platform and gateway for Malaysia and Singapore people to experience homestay abroad; promote cultural exchange; enhance mutual understanding; learning the language and making new friends globally.